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For Sunday 10th October 2021, 20th Sunday after Pentecost

prisons week

For over forty years Prisons Week has prepared prayer literature for the Christian  community to use as they pray for the needs of all those affected by prisons:  prisoners and victims, their families, their communities, those working and  volunteering in prisons and the criminal justice system. Those who organise Prisons  Week request that we pray each day during Prisons Week but also ask ourselves whether there is one thing that we as an individual, or as a church, can do to help  any of the people that we are praying for.

One thing you might consider is joining the zoom coffee morning on Wednesday 13th October. Our speaker is Revd Bola Adamolekum, chaplain at HM Prison Brixton. You may recognise her photo from the Keeping the Faith: London Chaplains in Time of COVID photographic exhibition on our website at Easter time this year.


These were her accompanying: “How do you provide comfort and solace to guys who are stuck behind doors for a ridiculous amount of time? I’ve found that if you make the time, the people you speak to are more open now and there’s more opportunity for that conversation to get deeper and be more meaningful. It’s been less about just wanting an excuse to get out of the cell, it’s almost like they’ve treated it as a gift and they’ve decided that if I can engage with them, they will engage with me too. You can come across some truly broken and desperate cases, it’s really heart-breaking sometimes. There are a lot of people in prison for criminal reasons and there are a lot of people in prison because society has been criminal to them.”

Bola will talk about how COVID has affected support to prisoners, the highs and lows of her role and will give further information on Prisons Week. For information and for prayers for Prisons Week please visit: https://prisonsweek.org/ where you will find a very useful prayer leaflet, video clip and other resources.

Another excellent resource comes via London Prisons Mission. In past years it has prepared a booklet for churches in London to use, especially member churches of Churches Together in Westminster. This year they are unable to, because all of their small team have been fully employed on the Safe Homes initiative. Their booklet from 2020 is still available at https://www.londonprisonsmission.org/prisons-week and it contains prayers and contemplations by Church leaders on issues surrounding prisons, and the views of policy influencers and practitioners in the field of penal reform. The focus of this booklet is the experience of women in prison, to tie in with the Safe Homes for Women Initiative they have co-ordinated.

The Prisons Week Prayer
Lord, you offer freedom to all people.
We pray for those in prison.
Break the bonds of fear and isolation that exist.
Support with your love prisoners and their families and friends,
prison staff and all who care.
Heal those who have been wounded by the actions of others,
especially the victims of crime.
Help us to forgive one another,
to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly together with Christ
in his strength and in his Spirit,
now and every day. Amen


Live Streaming of Worship

Services can be watched via the church website, https://www.stcolumbas.org.uk/live stream.
To access the live stream from the homepage (front page) click the Menu button in the top right-hand side of the page and scroll down and click on “Live Stream”. This will bring up the live stream to the church. The act of worship of approximately 60 minutes, includes include prayers, a sermon and music. The words for the hymns will be on the website.
We believe it is really important to continue to live stream the Morning Service under its current format i.e. for the benefit of those joining worship from afar or those as yet unable to make the journey to Pont Street. For those without internet, the Dial-In facility continues. Many people comment that they do have a sense of worshipping together, even if invisible to each other.

Dial into Sunday Service

If you are aware of church members or friends who do not have access to internet please inform them that they can now phone in to join the Sunday service. No visuals clearly, but at least they can hear the service. Those interested should follow:
Step 1: At 10.40am call phone number 0203 051 2874.
Step 2: You will be prompted to enter a meeting ID. Please type (using your telephone keypad) 266 883 5072#
Step 3: You will then be asked for a participant number - simply press the #.
Step 4: Enjoy the service! You will hear Ben's organ music from 10.50am.

Hymns, Music & Readings, 3rd October 2021

Hymn 192 All my hope on God is founded (Michael) 
Hymn 187 There’s a wideness in God’s mercy (All for Jesus)
Hymn 549 How deep the Father’s love for us (How Deep The Father’s Love)

Old Testament Reading: Job 23: 1-9, 16-17
Gospel Lesson: Mark 10: 17-31

Anthem: Expectans Expectavi, Wood
Anthem: Verleih uns frieden, Mendelssohn

Organ Postlude: Prelude in F minor BWV 534”, J.S. Bach

Short Service of Weekly Holy Communion

This Sunday, 3rd October, we restart the short service of Holy Communion, combined with prayers for those in need, in the London Scottish Chapel. The service follows on from the 11am Morning Service and begins at approximately 12.15pm. Worshippers can receive bread and wine; wine is distributed via small individual “thimble” glasses. The names gathered from the prayer cards, at the back of the sanctuary, are prayed for during the communion service. This is a very welcome return for a small but precious part of St Columba’s life.

The Morning Service is led by Revd William McLaren our Associate Minister. The  Minister is at St Andrew’s, Newcastle for the celebration of Holy Communion.

October Church Magazine

The new Church Magazine is available both in hard copy and via the website https://www.stcolumbas.org.uk/news/. (Scroll down Latest News box to find.)

Office Hours

Contact details; Tel: 020 7584 2321
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.stcolumbas.org.uk
Facebook: @stcolumbaschurchpontstreet.
Twitter: @LondonKirk
Pastoral Emergency Number (out of office hours): 07591926271

Sunday 10th October: Sunday School & New Youth Group

We welcome our young people to church this Sunday for their monthly gathering.  There will be activities for both Sunday School groups (4–9-year-olds & 10-13years  olds.)

Future dates:
Sunday 14th November (Remembrance Sunday) 10.45am
Sunday 12th December (3.30pm, Christingle making, pizza family tea & Carols by  Candlelight at 5pm)

Maintaining Community and Supporting Each Other

Everybody can play a part in maintaining contact with others via telephone, e-mail or letter, especially those who are particularly
vulnerable. Our Elders are encouraged to make contact with those in their districts, and church members are welcome to contact the church office to request a contact from their elder or the Minister.

Congregational Offerings

Details on the many ways you can support St Columba’s can be found here https://www.stcolumbas.org.uk/giving/supporting-st-columbas

Would anyone wishing to contribute to St Andrew's, Newcastle please contact the Session Clerk on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for bank details or other means of donating.

St Columba’s Book Club

The next meeting of the St Columba’s Book Club will be on the 11th October at 7pm. The book for October is Elena Ferrante’s “The Lying Life of Adults”. The wonderful thing about the St Columba’s Book Club is that it is all done via the amazing power of Zoom so you can be comfy on your couch or at your dining room table- no need to provide food or host the book club (they don’t mind if you attend in your PJ’s ☺) and you don’t even have to be based in London! New members always welcome and very much encouraged.

St Columba’s Coffee Mornings

We are looking forward to welcoming participants back to the St Columba’s virtual coffee mornings from September (note that is will be Afternoon Tea in November). Please pop the below dates in your diary and do let the Church Office know if you would like to attend.

13th October (10.30am) - Revd Bola Adamolekun, Church of England Chaplain at Brixton Prison discusses her role at the Prison in what is Prisons Week. Bola will talk about how COVID has affected support to prisoners, the highs and lows of her role and will give further information on Prisons Week.

17th November (2pm) - Revd Camille Cook, Senior Pastor at Georgetown Presbyterian Church in Washington will discuss Thanksgiving and its role within the Church. Camille will be well known to many at St Columba’s so a nice chance to see her again also!

15th December (10.30am)- Revd Dr John McCulloch, Minister St Andrews, Jerusalem & Tiberias will discuss Christmas in the Holy Land.

Divine Dine (for Younger adults 18-40’s) 

Come join us in the upper hall on 4th November at 18:30 where we'll have some dinner and have an informal discussion on the Sermon on the Mount. If you would like to come please let Fraser Stockton know 

on 07896881965 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy Hour

At a previous Happy Hour session, we shared contributions of poems that meant something to us. This led to recollections of much-loved lines from hymns and from there, to the contribution of so many women hymn writers.

Please come and join us for a further discussion on the theme of hymn writers, led by Robin Forrest on Wednesday 3 November in the Library at 6.30 pm. Light refreshments available.


If you would like to leave stamps for Crossreach, please pop them into the Church Office on Sundays.

Friends of St Columba’s – Winchester Cathedral Visit 

The Friends are visiting Winchester Cathedral on Saturday October 16, we shall  have a guide, view the Cathedral and the crypt and the special exhibitions, before breaking for lunch in the award-winning Refectory. Cost is £8 (not including lunch); or £10 for Annual Membership plus £8 for the tour. Friends will have precedence, but there may be some extra places. Payment to Alan Lennox, Honorary Treasurer, c/o The Church Office – any extra  information from Isobel Carter, Honorary Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; 07768275591

The Royal Foundation of St Katherine’s - An Introduction to
Strengthening Prayer: Four Movements for Spiritual Health

To those who are interested in strengthening their prayer, please see details of a course which will be held on 16th October at The Royal Foundation of St Katherine’s, Limehouse which is a 2 minute walk from Limehouse DLR station. More details can be found online here https://bit.ly/3CvbMsW.

In this quiet day, psychologist Dr Roger Bretherton will gently explore the four core spiritual movements of Strengthening Prayer: how God sees us, how we see God, how we see ourselves and how we see others. Taken together these prayerful exercises can foster wellbeing, enhance spiritual connection, and inspire effective action. Strengthening Prayer blends character strengths psychology, mindfulness practice, contemplative prayer and biblical meditation. No prior experience is required. Whether you are a newcomer to the life of prayer or a seasoned explorer keen to investigate new spiritual paths, this day retreat will have something to offer.

The cost of £35 includes coffee and pastries on arrival, a retreat lunch and afternoon pot of tea and cake.
(Thank you to the Congregational Prayer Group for this information.)


(Prepared by Congregational Prayer Group)

Dear Lord, our Father,
we thank you for the peace which comes with silence
as we wait on you
and for the promise that you are with us.
We bring before you the needs of others and ourselves.
We know that there will be times when our requests cannot be granted but we open our hearts to you as we pray.

A PRAYER OF THANKS – written by Leslie D Weatherhead (1893 – 1976)

O God, we give thanks to Thee for all the happiness we have known in the years that have gone; for every moment of loveliness and joy and beauty; for every experience of Thyself when we have been sure of Thee and known that only in Thee could our souls ever find rest. We thank Thee for the tasks we have been allowed to do, friendships that have made us glad and service in which we have forgotten ourselves.

Grant that no present depression, or grief, or weakness may allow us to forget the gladness we have known. Though the mists come down upon the soul, mists of failure and doubt and even despair, may we remember the mountains are still there, majestic, strong and sure. The sun will shine again upon their snow-clad summits. May we, even in the darkness, keep on, climbing towards them. Keep at least our memories bright with praise and love and may the memory of those moments of insight and certainty and dedication send us forth now with new-born purpose and rekindled desire to know and do Thy blessed will. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


O Lord, you have searched me, and you know me.
You know when I sit and when I rise: you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down;
you are familiar with all my ways.
Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O Lord.
You hem me in – behind and before;
you have laid your hand upon me.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain. Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence? ……….
If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
if I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand will hold me fast.

Let us pray

Lord, you have called us to serve you,
you have called us to heal,
you have called us to love.

After the long months of the coronavirus pandemic in the world you created and the separation from loved ones, we give thanks for the continuing ministry holding the congregation together and for services streamed from the time the Church was closed.

For the welcome, gradual return to worshipping in Church and the freedom to meet with friends and family again. We give thanks for the return to Church of our young people and the opening up of Sunday School which will take place today. For the gradual return of groups who use our halls for hospitality. Keep them all safe, Lord.

We remember the countries where the virus is by no means under control and where vaccines are in short supply or not available. May a way be found to share this resource.

We pray for wisdom for our politicians as they plan the way forward, making difficult decisions on several fronts.

We remember all who are deeply in debt and face further financial difficulties.

We pray for the homeless who have no work and no home. We pray for the organisations and charities supporting them, particularly Glassdoor, Restart and Borderline.

We pray for all working for the NHS, the many providing Social Care and all those needing their care at this time.

We pray for homes where there is chronic illness or a sick child. We remember before you all who are outcasts.

We pray for the broken-hearted and the broken spirited. We pray for all who find themselves in desperate situations, for all who are anxious about their health or the health of a loved one.

We give thanks for all who have been restored to health and we pray for all whose life is nearing its end. Lord, we come to you for you alone can make us whole.


Be strong and very courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.


God with me, protecting,
The Lord with me, directing,
The Spirit with me, strengthening,
For ever and for evermore.
(From Celtic Daily Prayer)

Opening Hours

The office is open from
9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m,
Monday to Friday.

There is a 24-hour answering machine service.

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St Columba’s is located on Pont Street in Knightsbridge in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The Church is within easy reach of three London Underground stations – Knightsbridge (Piccadilly Line), South Kensington (Piccadilly, Circle and District Lines) and Sloane Square (Circle and District Lines).

St. Columba's
Pont Street
London SW1X 0BD
+44 (0)20-7584-2321

Getting here by tube

Knightsbridge Station

Take the Harrods exit if open (front car if coming from the East, rear car if coming from the West). Come up the stairs to street level, carry on keeping Harrods on your right. Turn right into Basil Street. Carry straight on into Walton Place with St Saviour’s Church on your left. At the traffic lights, St Columba’s is to your left across the street. If the Harrods exit is closed, take the Sloane Street exit, turn right into Basil Street. Carry straight on past Harrods with the shop on your right, into Walton Place as before.

South Kensington Station

Come up the stairs out of the station and turn left into the shopping arcade. Turn left again into Pelham Street. At the traffic lights at the end of Pelham Street cross Brompton Road, turn left then immediately right into the narrow street of Draycott Avenue. After just a few yards turn left into Walton Street. Carry on walking up Walton Street until the traffic lights at the corner of Pont Street. Turn right and after a few steps you will be at St Columba’s!

Sloane Square Station

Cross over the square into Sloane Street. Walk along Sloane Street until the traffic lights at the corner of Pont Street. Turn left into Pont Street. St Columba’s will then be in sight.

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